However, a wide variety of flood mitigation measures may be encountered, some of which may have been included in the initial design, others having been retrofitted by current, or previous, property owners. There may be occasions when you’d like to access specialist advice in this area, for example:

• Are the measures already fitted appropriate to the type(s) of flooding likely to be experienced in that locality? (Groundwater flooding requires different techniques from overland flow problems).

• If ‘kite-marked’ products have been installed, do these comply with the 2009 edition of the relevant ‘PAS1188’ standard, or the far more rigorous 2014 edition? (This will affect, for example, the degree of seepage permitted through devices such as flood boards/doors/gates).

• In areas benefitting from municipal flood defences, the possibility that these could be ‘overtopped’ (as a result of extreme weather events at a future date) should still be taken into consideration.

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