Q: – How do we decide the best way of protecting our business from flooding?

A: – You can gain a general indication of the flood risks in your area from the sources provided elsewhere on this website. However, you will need more detailed information to make a fully informed choice on the best way of tackling the threat to your business.

• If property-level flood protection is indicated, then it is worth seeking local guidance on the likely type and level of flooding you can expect. This kind of information is very important if you are to make the right choice from the many flood protection products currently on the market.
• You should bear in mind that an independent adviser (rather than a representative from a specific manufacturer offering a limited product range) is ideally placed to guide you in this kind of complex purchasing decision. The cost of such a consultation is a worthwhile investment in order to protect your business and get business back to normal as swiftly as possible after a flood. Request an independent Flood Defence Survey.


Q: – Can all properties be protected from flooding?

A: – Some properties may be at risk of floods that are too frequent, too deep, or too long-lasting for it to be appropriate to try and keep the water out. In these cases, the answer is to make the property ‘resilient’ to flooding – this means using materials and finishes which are capable of easy cleaning and restoration after exposure to floodwater.
For more information, download the Environment Agency’s Flood Resilience Guide.


Q: – Where can we buy the flood defence products we need?

A: – If you want to buy, or see what products are available to protect your business, you will find the widest range of products from different manufacturers in our products section.

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