Flood Defence Guidance for Procurement Managers


When requested to source information on ‘out of the ordinary’ products or services (such as flood protection measures) then obtaining value for money is bound to be a key consideration, but operational effectiveness is also essential – all the more so when there are health and safety implications to the purchase. To ensure that invitations to tender are framed appropriately, specialist technical advice may be required, for example:

• If ‘kite-marked’ products are to be specified, should these comply with the 2009 version of the ‘PAS1188’ standard, or the more stringent 2014 edition? (This affects, for example, the degree of seepage permitted through devices such as flood doors/gates).

• If a large building, or a group of dwellings is to be protected, are tendering bodies able to offer appropriate after sales support (such as regular maintenance of automated structures)?

• Where accessibility regulations must be applied, what measures should be excluded from the proposals?

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