Flood Defence Guidance for Architects


Whether the building has suffered flood damage in the past, or is at risk of flooding in the future, this may well be outside your day-to-day experience and specialist advice might be helpful, for example:
• What type of measures are best suited to the nature of flooding likely to occur in that locality? (Groundwater flooding requires different techniques from overland flow problems).
• What approaches would be most appropriate in terms of the aesthetic, or conservation/listed building specifications associated with the overall project?
• Should any measures for mitigating surface water flooding be included, in addition to flooding from rivers? (The use of permeable car park surfaces, rather than impermeable finishes, could represent added value in terms of ‘future proofing’).


You can find useful information elsewhere on the website.

Alternatively you can request a specialist in flood protection to carry out an independent Flood Defence Survey [Link to Property Professionals’ Flood Defence Survey Landing Page]

You can also find details of the widest range of products available in the UK.

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