As a property management professional (facilities managers and estate managers) you will have a multitude of responsibilities for your site.

This may include:

  • Maintenance, repair, reconstruction or refurbishment of properties.
  • Health & safety
  • Measures to ensure business continuity and risk management.
Have you checked if the property is at risk of flooding?
You can check easily by inserting the postcode.
Check it out HERE.

Your responsibilities might mean you have to take decisions about flood protection or flood resilience measures or the containment of potential leaks. For this you might need specialist advice. For example:

  • What type of measures are best suited to the nature of flooding most likely to occur in your location? Groundwater flooding requires different techniques from overland flow problems
  • Will the measures selected need to comply with accessibility requirements appropriate to the buildings intended use?
  • What criteria need to be applied when choosing between ‘fit and forget’ measures and those requiring the building’s current (and future) occupants to store and deploy equipment appropriately.
  • Is there an internal risk of flooding or contamination that needs to be contained?

You can read about how we have helped other companies to manage their risk from escaping water by reading a selection of Case Studies

Actions you can take:

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