UK Flood Defence Alliance has consulted in many industrial and commercial settings.

Swimming pool risk:

Financial Institution, Canary Wharf, London

A major financial institution in Canary Wharf approached us to protect their basement infrastructure from the threat of flood damage from a swimming pool located at the higher levels of their offices. 
Our solution was 4 flood barriers fitted around their basement facilities to protect from the potential leakage from their swimming pools.

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Keeping flood water out:

Textile Factory, Lancaster

UKFDA worked with an independent civil and structural engineering consultancy to advise on flood protection for a large textile company in Lancashire, which processes exclusive fabrics that are sourced from around the world.  
In conjunction with the engineering consultants, a site survey was conducted and recommendations were made for the most appropriate ways to protect the site.    
Eventually, the project included the installation of 20 demountable barriers and 9 flood doors at key locations at critical areas of the facility.   2 sets of bespoke steel flood gates to protect the perimeter; the construction of a perimeter flood wall and significant improvements to the drainage on site.

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