Windermere Flood Defence Barrier Connection Key

For linking Barrier Units and Multi-Hubs


The Windermere Connection Key is an essential part of the Windermere Flood Barrier System. It not only joins two units together, two Multi-Hubs together, or a Unit with a Multi-Hub, but the weight of them helps to prevent the barrier from moving.

Windermere is a rapidly deployable flood barrier system. The barrier is assembled through a series of interlocking units, which when assembled actually fill with the rising flood waters. This combined with the weighted connection keys ensure an assembled barrier will always be denser than the flood water.

No construction work is required and the barrier system can be rapidly deployed. It is light weight, low cost and is more effective than sandbagging.

The Connection Keys, come in two versions – 0.9m and 0.5m.

The 0.5m version weighs 18kg and the 2-part 0.9m version weighs 35kg (lower – 15kg; upper – 20kgs)

For more information, see the Windermere Flood Defence Barrier Unit.

To buy online, you will need to order the following:

  • The number of barrier units you require (choose between 0.5m high and 0.9m high) in your selection of colours. The most popular combinations are red and white, but it is entirely up to you
  • Connection keys to connect pairs of barrier units and barrier units with multi-hubs
  • A minimum of two multi-hubs to secure the ends
  • A handle to help you position the connection keys

Since each situation is different, we can advise you on the most efficient Windermere Flood Defence Barrier configuration to suit your specific requirements.

For a proposal, please contact us on or call us on 0208 442 0872.

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Windermere Connection Key

0.5m, 0.9m