HydroSack – effective sandbag alternative

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The HydroSack© is the most important development in emergency flood protection since the invention of the sandbag.

Sandbags are difficult to store and take up substantial warehousing space. They are heavy and difficult to carry. Disposal of them incurs serious on-cost as they have to be trucked away after use. They cannot be disposed of into the earth as they are not environmentally friendly. In times of flood they leak and filter water through them and are capable of carrying infectious diseases emanating from sewage-polluted water.



Before use, the HydroSack© can be safely stored in a dry location for 5+ years. In the event of a flood simply place the HydroSack© in water – or spray with a hose. They have two handles for easy movement, especially in emergency conditions. They will inflate in 2 – 3 minutes and will absorb up to 20 litres of liquid, and thereafter will act as a barrier to stop excess waters surging into your home or premises – they retain their weight for over 3 months.

The unique 3-section structure of the Hydrosack© allows a controlled spread which prevents the contents moving from side to side.

Since the HydroSack© only contains pulp and super absorbent polymer, both are harmless to the environment and, after slitting the sack, they can be emptied into the soil without any harmful effects.

Additional information

Technical details

Length:  60cm

Width:  48cm

Absorption:  15-20 Litres

Inflation Time:  2-3 minutes

Weight before:  0.5kg

Weight After:  15-20 Kilos

Handles:  2

Outer Fabric:  Non woven, polypropylene, Hydrophilic finish

Internal Pads:  Super absorbent polymer (SAP) Pulp

Non toxic, eco friendly

Flood Water Depth: 5cm of water per sack

Flood water Length:  45cm per sack


Each pack contains two Hydrosacks. For large orders please contact us at support@ukfda.com or call us on 0208 442 0872.