HydroSnake – effective sandbag alternative

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The HydroSnake© is the new modern method to create a highly effective barrier to the threat of flood water in domestic and commercial properties.

Before use, the HydroSnake© is light, flat, simple to store and easy to handle. Once in contact with water it quickly expands and miraculously absorbs up to 20 litres of water.

HydroSnakes© can be stacked or folded to provide ideal, flexible, protection for doors, vents, skylights, driveways, furniture or equipment.

They also provide a far more effective barrier to water than sandbags.

Similar in construction to the HydroSack©, the HydroSnake© is long and thin, measuring 145cm x 25cm.



HydroSnakes© are safe and eco friendly. They contain pulp and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) which can be released into the earth after use.

They retain their bulk for up to three months.



Technical details:

Length:  145cm

Width:  25cm

Absorption:  15-20 Litres

Inflation Time:  2-3 minutes

Weight before:  0.5kg

Weight After:  15-20 Kilos

Handles:  0

Outer Fabric:  Non woven, polypropylene, Hydrophilic finish

Internal Pads:  Super absorbent polymer (SAP) Pulp

Non toxic, eco friendly

Flood Water Depth:  5cm of water per sack

Flood water Length:  140cm per snake


Each pack contains two Hydrosacks. For large orders please contact us at support@ukfda.com or call us on 0208 442 0872.