The UKFDA – New support for property owners and communities in their fight against flooding

Ahead of next week’s Flood Expo a new organisation has been launched to help property owners and communities defend against flooding.

The UK Flood Defence Alliance (UKFDA) exists to help property owners and communities to choose the ideal set of products to protect their property from flooding.

The UKFDA works together with flooding product manufacturers and clients to deliver bespoke flood protection.

The UKFDA supports everyone interested in flooding, including: homeowners; business owners; property managers; campaign groups; local authorities; builders; architects and a host of other trades and professions.

There are so many companies offering flood protection products, it can be a daunting process trying to work out what’s right for a community solution, or for an individual property owner’s situation. That’s why the UKFDA is bringing together in one place a selection of the highest quality flood defence products, from ten different manufacturers (and more are expected to join the alliance at Flood Expo).

Adam Crawford, of the UKFDA explains the benefits for those impacted by flooding “We make it easier for people to choose what they need and to place an order with one contact, who will make sure everything goes smoothly. Our intention is to provide the sector’s widest possible range of products, so that everyone has the opportunity to find the best possible solution for their needs.

The first step is usually to arrange a free-of-charge, no obligation flood risk survey of the property or properties.  Every property is different and property owners’ requirements, preferences and circumstances vary, so we aim to work with clients to enable them to choose exactly the solution they want.