The UKFDA – Launches more effective early warning system for flooding

The UK Flood Defence Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of a more reliable and effective early warning system to give communities advance notice of potential river, surface water and groundwater flooding.

At the moment, many householders get caught out because they start ignoring flood warnings after a succession of false alarms. When the flooding does finally happen, they have not taken the necessary precautions in time.

UK Flood Defence Alliance (UKFDA) member Radio Data Networks has introduced radio telemetry based wide area flood warning systems that can provide evidence-based alarms, for more accurate flood risk identification.

Brian Back, founder and managing director of RDN says “Wide area monitoring systems provide 24/7 accurate warnings. Our systems are also more reliable and effective than conventional systems that rely on cellular communications. Cellular data coverage is patchy at the best of times, rely heavily on humans being able to move around to get a better signal. Static systems can’t do that. What’s more, in rural areas, cellular networks are even more unreliable. With radio telemetry or Ofcom licensed and protected radio channels you get more reliable signals, faster warnings and longer battery life.”

RDN are looking to partner with communities, councils and organisations who want to establish wide area flood warning systems.

They are exhibiting at Flood Expo at Excel London ( on 14-15th October 2015 on stand number F312.

The company specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke flood monitoring and warning systems that can deliver data and alarm messages in real time over large areas including those without cellular coverage.

They can provide advanced warnings of rising groundwater levels, river levels, up catchment rainfall all of which can be used to deliver proactive warnings to communities. Furthermore, they can monitor the operation of Sump Pumps, warn of high levels and even report the status of flood barriers.

The data can be delivered via the internet, e-mails, SMS text alerts or interfaced (as our many industrial clients do) via a building management or SCADA system

For more information, visit or call 01279 600 440.

Adam Crawford, of the UKFDA points out “RDN are a great example of a company with excellent products that would form part of an overall solution for a community, which might include rapidly deployable barriers and effective products to protect individual properties. The UKFDA works together with councils and communities to provide the ideal total solution.”