Residential Flood Defence Case Study – Isle of Wight

Brading – Isle of Wight

Protection required for a whole house and outbuildings.

Flooding History

Dr. I.M. first contacted UKFDA on Christmas Eve 2013 when his property was at serious risk of flooding.  His property borders the River Yar and is situated on a flood plain.
The continuous rain and rising river levels resulted in flooding on Christmas Eve.  The whole of the ground floor was flooded to a depth of 18″.  Anything left downstairs was damaged including the backboiler.  They were left without gas or electricity over the Christmas period.

Products Supplied

Dr. I. M made contact with UKFDA again after the flooding had subsided in order to purchase protection against further floods.
He lives in an old railway station building on the Isle of Wight and in his words “the building is not straightforward!”  He had researched products online himself but found the personal service and recommendations provided by Adam to be very helpful.
Dr. I. M purchased Floodtite Airbrick covers and two Coniston Barriers in January 2014 and and another Coniston barrier later in 2014 after building work was completed on his property.  He fitted the products himself to contain the costs of installation.  He found fitting them to be straightforward.

Subsequent Use

Dr I. M says that although there has been numerous flood warnings they have not actually been flooded and therefore the products have not yet been tested – thankfully!
However, he does appreciate the reassurance he has from knowing that the protection is there.

Customer Comment

“Adam obviously knows his products well; he took us through various options and came up with recommendations that met our needs.  He went to a lot of trouble to find the cheapest delivery rates to the Isle of Wight (which are always expensive).  He rang us to update us on delivery times.”

– Dr. I.M., Residential, Isle of Wight