Residential Flood Defence Case Study – Hampshire

Liss – Hampshire

A home that required door protection and a non-return valve.

Flooding History

In December 2013, the River Rother caused extensive flooding, made worse by blocked culverts.
This resident came home to find it was difficult to reach their home through flood water and by 11pm the bungalow was flooded knee deep. They were so busy moving items to safety inside the house, they didn’t have time to move the car, which was irreparably damaged by the flood.
They had received numerous flood warnings prior to the event, none of which had resulted in the house being flooded, so they were taken by surprise when the flooding hit. In the end, they were completely surrounded by water.
The water came in through the front door, patio door and downstairs toilet and dishwasher.
Everything in the downstairs of the house had to be repaired or replaced and they didn’t move back in until July the following year.

Products Supplied

The original requirement was for two Coniston Flood Barriers to protect the front door and the patio doors, together with a non-return valve in the drain outside the house.

Subsequent Use

Fortunately, the property has not been threatened with flooding since the installation.

Customer Comment

“It’s given us peace of mind. It is a very easy system to deploy, so much so that my teenager is trained to do it, just in case.”

– B.W., Liss, Hampshire