Product Description

Flexible Flood Defence Blocks are an excellent alternative to sandbags, temporary walls or erosion control.

Flexible Flood Defence Blocks will effectively divert floodwater. The interlocking design, coupled with the option to stack or pin them, provides a flexible yet robust defence against running water.

They can be deployed in a single layer and when stacked two layers high they will divert up to 200mm (8”) of flood water. The interlocking design allows curves and contours to be followed to send the water where you need it to go.

The Flood Group at Hebden Bridge form them into ‘J’ shapes around drains to make fast running water go where it should. They also lay them out to create barriers and so have successfully prevented damage to commercial and residential property.

The Blocks are easy to carry and move into place. Consequently, they save time when compared to traditional sandbags enabling you to get your property protected quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, Flexible Flood Defence Blocks can be re-used, will not break down and will last for years. After use, they can be power washed and stored ready for future use.

Flexible Flood Defence Blocks

Flexible Flood Defence Blocks

Flexible Flood Defence Blocks


Dimensions : 60cm (2ft) long x 30cm (1ft) wide x 10cm (4″) high
Weight : 13.5 kgs per block

If you’d like to order a specific quantity or in bulk, then please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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