High Flood Wall is an innovative temporary or semi-permanent flood system designed for fast reaction to imminent flooding.

Intended for areas where there is intense flooding such as river banks and low lying areas, or to provide a protective envelope around land, buildings or sites, the cost effective, metre-square sand-fill bags are designed to remain square, are of robust and waterproof material and reusable, leaving no residual waste.

It is also ideal for longer term situations where temporary flood barriers need to remain in place, for example while work is being carried out.

They are easy to install at 3 to 4 minutes per meter run and will extend to any distance and dependent on expected levels, can be set to any height pyramid fashion.

They can either be emptied and stored flat pack or taken away from site full and stored for future use.
The bags are used extensively in Europe and are used as a fast response effective solution to imminent flooding.
Delivery in already pre-assembled set of 5 or 10 pieces (5.50m or 11m.) They also come singular 1m x 1m x 1.4m. Bags can be stacked to any height as long as they are stacked in a pyramid formation.
High Flood Wall