Surface water flooding can occur very suddenly and often in unpredictable locations. This can be the result of heavy rainfall on already soaked ground or after prolonged dry spells.

If you need time to erect flood protection equipment, or you want early warning in case flooding occurs unexpectedly during the night, or when a building is not in use (weekends/holidays), then you need to install surface water flood monitoring equipment.

We design & manufacture in the UK a complete range of monitoring equipment. These can be easily tailored to suit your individual requirements. They are typically used by businesses, public sector organisations and communities.

The range includes high performance radio telemetry based, wide area systems. These operate over an exclusive secure radio telemetry band operating under an exclusive Ofcom licence.

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Our Resilient Communications:

Our systems can be constructed to operate from a single or multiple locations, with flood sensors distributed over areas measuring many square km/miles. Warnings to staff and public can be delivered using a variety of media including e-mail, SMS text, audible siren and flashing lights etc.

We offer one of the highest levels of resilience when it comes to communications from our flood sensors.

Rather than using the cellular telephone networks for the first and most crucial part of the link, our systems are supplied to operate on a secure licenced radio channel. Not only does this eliminates the reliability and obsolescence issues associated with the cellular networks but also permits systems to be installed in remote locations without requiring a SIM card in every detector. Finally, our communications are totally immune from cyber attack.

To discuss your requirements or arrange a free, no obligation survey, please call 0208 442 0872, Contact Us or download a copy of our brochure.

Technical Information:

The majority of our flood warning detectors are housed in discrete bollard housings permitting them to be installed in a variety of strategic locations ranging from river banks through to the edge of public highways (cut away section of bollard housed flood alarm shown below). The units can also be supplied in our smart pole mounted boxes with integrated solar panel that can be secured to railings and on poles sunk into the ground alongside riverbanks. The in-sewer / drain flood alarms are mounted under manhole covers and can report back the presence of a storm surcharge which could lead to a breach of flood defences via our solar powered repeater/booster stations.

The flood alarms are 100% battery powered and the internal electronics are fully encapsulated to exceed the IP68 standard in order to withstand prolonged submersion during the flood. The system operates using our proven BDT sensing technology that has no moving parts eliminating the risk of sticking float switches a common problem that is often caused by insect, leaves and dirt infiltration. BDT technology is also generally outperforms conductivity type systems as it is immune to triggering by wet leaves. Battery life is typically 10-years and unlike GSM/SMS based systems which are both power hungry and expensive to operate, our power efficient design and lean radio protocols permits each unit to automatically send a uniquely coded health message every 5 or 15 minutes (version dependant) which the receiver station automatically constantly monitors to confirm the system is operational.


What Else Can our Flood Alarms Do?

  • Switch and control pumps
  • Activate flow diversion valves
  • Activate and drive sirens
  • Activate GSM/SMS messages
  • Activate wide area or on-site paging systems
  • Activate existing alarm systems
  • Interface with telephone dial systems
  • Interface with Scanning Telemetry
  • Interface with rain gauges to permit early warnings

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