The FLOODTITE Door Panel is an ideal flood defence solution. The Door Panel/Board is a plastic panel which screws, by hand and without tools, onto a fixing frame which has been securely pre-fitted onto the door frame, leaving the brickwork or stone facade undamaged.

The fixing frame is manufactured using vacuum formed ABS, which allows it to be painted in the same colour as the door frame, which makes it almost invisible. This makes it ideal for any homeowner who doesn’t wish to advertise the fact that their house has flood defence systems in place.


The Panel is probably the most lightweight of its type on the market and almost completely flat. This means that after the initial installation of the fixing frame, it can be easily stored away until a flood alert warning, when it can be fitted in minutes with no additional tools offering a quick and convenient solution.

The panels are 600mm in height and are designed to withstand floodwater to a depth of 500mm; anything more than this could cause structural instability to the building and is not recommended by the Environment Agency, or the National Flood Forum.

Pre-fitting the fixing frame is essential prior to being ‘flood-ready’. It takes about an hour and can be carried out by anyone who is competent at DIY or if you prefer, you can call on a local jobbing builder.

FLOODTITE Door Panels are available in 5 sizes to fit most door frames.

For a multi home project involving 10 or more panels we can probably organise fitting of the fixing frames for you.

Please call 0208 442 0872 or email for more information.

Technical details

Designed by our own engineers from inception to full BSI Kite mark accreditation, our Door Panel and the fixing frame are manufactured in the UK in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited factory in Oxfordshire.

Floodtite Flood Door Panels-Boards

They have a unique U shaped bottom, with an integral seal.

This U shape uses the action of the floodwater itself to strengthen the seal.

Box contains:Floodtite Flood Door Panels-Boards-4

  • 1 x Floodtite Door Panel
  • 1 x Floodtite Fixing Frame
  • 8 x M6 30 mm Wing Bolts
  • 8 x M6 Drop In Anchors
  • 8 x Anti-Loss Washers
  • 8 x Mushroom Slot Head Dust Covers
  • 1 x SX All Weather Clear Sealant

The complete unit is delivered ready for fixing,

together with full instructions



FREE Delivery within the UK on all orders.

BULK ORDER and TRADE discounts are available.

Please email or phone 0208 442 0872 for details.

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