Derwent Flood Barrier This is a bespoke flood protection system that can be designed to protect almost any span.

It can protect up to a 4m span without demountable posts (fixed to the ground). A centre support post may be required. It is therefore ideal for protecting commercial premises and in particular warehouse doors.

Derwent Flood Barrier

It consists of lightweight aluminium panels measuring 1mtr x 400mm high x 25mm and each weighing just 4.5kg. The height of each panel means that fewer panels are required than with some other systems, so saving time when it comes to erecting them in case of flooding.

The Derwent is a relatively low cost system compared to others on the market.Derwent Flood Barrier

It has the added advantage that it can be designed to be mounted on already existing railings, fencing and bollards. Alternatively these can be erected as a permanent feature, thereby enabling the Derwent barrier to be installed very quickly in the event of flooding.

Since each situation is different, your Derwent Flood Defence Barrier will be designed and built individually to your specific requirements.

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Derwent Barrier Hand Rails with Posts MountedDerwent Barriers from behindDerwent Flood BarrierDerwent Flood Barrier

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