The Danube demountable flood barrier is the ideal defence system for commercial and industrial premises where the openings to be protected are generally larger than that of domestic applications, e.g. on roller shutter openings or across gateways.
Weybridge Barrier Installation

Openings of up to 6m wide can be protected without the need for a removable centre post or support. The Danube can also be installed up to heights of over 3m without the need for angled support posts.

The Danube flood barrier consists of minimal parts for quick and easy installation. Once the end posts are permanently mounted to the walls at either side of the opening, the only thing that remains is to insert the lightweight aluminium beams and pressing tools (tightened with a standard 8mm allen key) and your flood protection is assured.



The Danube demountable flood barrier can be also be used for larger domestic applications, e.g. on garages, across driveways and across patio/French doors.

Benefits of the Danube barrier include –

Feature Benefit
Single beam height of 200mm Easy handling, not cumbersome or awkward to install
Single beam weights from only 3.9kg/m One of the lightest handling products on the market
Threshold frame section is not required Quick and easy installation
Multi-locating pressing tool Any number of beams can be installed depending on expected flood level
High quality materials Long product lifespan