The Dam Easy flood barrier will quickly and efficiently protect your property from flood water. You can use it on both residential and commercial buildings. It is a demountable flood barrier and you do not need any tools, fixtures or fittings. It is simple and quick to install. On average it can be fitted in just 3 minutes!

Dam Easy Flood Barrier: How it works:

You can fit the Dam Easy in three easy steps

Position the Dam Easy Barrier into the reveal of the doorway.
Extend the side panels to fit the gap.

The Dam Easy has a central panel and two side wings. Use the ratchet handle to move the sides in and out, enabling you to adjust the width to the exact size you need.

Inflate the seals to ensure a watertight fit.

Inflate the rubber seal around the barrier, by manually operating the air pump. The air pump is built into the Dam Easy along with an air-pressure gauge.
When the Dam Easy is installed securely, fit the security cover to the Dam Easy.  You can see the air-pressure gauge but the air pump and ratchet handles are protected to prevent unauthorised access to the controls.

Dam Easy flood barrier
The Dam Easy flood barrier extends at either side to fit your gap

Removing the Dam Easy

When the danger of flooding has passed, remove the security cover and use the button to deflate the rubber tube.  Finally, reverse the ratchet handle to retract the wings which frees the barrier from the doorway.

Clean and dry the Dam Easy, then store it in its unique storage system until needed again.

Dam Easy Dimensions:

The Dam Easy can protect gaps up to 3,300mm or 130” by using multiple Dam Easy barriers and an extension pole.

  • Dam Easy Flood Barrier: protects an opening of 780mm to 1,100mm (30” to 43”)
  • Dam Easy barrier with an extension pole: protects an opening of 1680mm to 2,300mm (67” to 90”)
  • Dam Easy barrier with two extension poles: can protect an opening of 2.580mm – 3,300mm (101” to 130”)

Protecting a wider gap

It is easy to protect a wider opening by using multiple Dam Easy barriers and connecting them with an extension pole:

  • Fit the extension pole by slotting and twisting it into the ground socket.
  • Place the Dam Easy into the gap between the wall and the pole.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Use the ratchet handle on each Dam Easy to extend the sides to fit each gap.
  • Lastly inflate the rubber seal on each Dam Easy to create an airtight seal to the right and left of the extension pole.


Next Steps

Measure the gap you need to protect.  You can then see whether you will need a single Dam Easy barrier or two or more barriers and extension poles.

If you have any queries about the Dam Easy flood barrier, how many you need or how to use it, then please contact us on 0208 442 0872 or email and we will be pleased to help you.