The Eco Coverage Technologies innovative SMART AirBricks® addresses the protection of the airbrick, the main water entry point under your property. An unprotected airbrick will allow an estimated maximum 50,000 litres of water through in 1 hour.

The SMART AirBricks® is based on a modular design that allows air to pass through, but not water and replaces the standard air brick. The design employs a flood-activated valve that allows unrestricted airflow complying to BS493:1995 under normal conditions, but in the event of flood water reaching the height of the airbrick, it blocks the flow of water. See diagram under ‘Additional Information’.

Two SMART AirBricks can be stacked on top of each other to replace double height air bricks.

The SMART AirBricks® is available in both terracotta and stone (grey) depending on the exterior of your property.

This product is more complicated to fit, although it can be done by a builder at relatively low cost. A significant advantage of this approach is that once fitted, it will operate automatically in the event of flooding. It is ideal when flooding is not anticipated or when there is no-one available to fit an airbrick cover. Of course this factor only makes a difference, when the airbrick is the only entry point for flood water.

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Technical details:

SMART Airbricks are designed to be fitted in position with mastic and pointed with mortar.

Dimensions are: W: 213mm H: 62mm D: 58mm


How the SMART Airbrick works:

SMART AirBricks


SMART Airbricks exploded view:

SMART AirBricks

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