If you were affected by the flooding in Cumbria caused by storms Desmond and Eva in 2015-2016 you can apply for a grant to help you prevent your property being flooded in future. This is under the Communities and Business Recovery Scheme.


Next step…

For a free survey and proposal for insurance and grant purposes,

Call 01228 586010, visit the Carlisle Flood Recovery Drop-in Centre or request a survey by completing the simple form below:





    You can get an idea about the range of products available or visit the Cumbria council website.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who will do the survey?

    A: An industry professional approved by the UKFDA.


    Q: Who will supply and fit the products I choose?

    A: The products will be supplied by the UKFDA and fitted by their carefully selected fitters.


    Q: Who are the UKFDA?

    A: The UK Flood Defence Alliance is a company that offers the widest selection of flood defence products and that is committed to giving you unbiased, helpful advice and first class service for complete peace of mind.


    Q: Will the grant cover the whole cost? How much will it cost?

    A: Every requirement is different and you will be offered a range of options to suit your situation and budget preferences. It is possible that the grant will cover the full cost, but you can decide on options that will require you to provide additional funding.