Customised flood protection for gardens

Flooding History

Dr. C lives close to a stream.  The local culvert is too small and it acted as a bottle-neck and flooding resulted.  She woke up on Christmas Eve to flooding in her property.


Dr C researched flood defence options.  She wanted a permanent flood defence that would not damage the stream bank, the trees and the bushes along the bank, as these are critical at preventing future soil erosion.  The defence also needed to lie on the garden rather than a bed of concrete, as a concrete base could cause problems to the tree and bush roots which could then result in in soil erosion.

Dr C ordered a special order of green Windermere barriers.  They connect to specially built, small connecting walls.

Subsequent Use

The barriers are in place but have not been tested yet.

Customer comment

Mr. Crawford helped me throughout the whole process and was key in helping me obtain customised products to fit my specific requirements.  My research hadn’t shown that I could get the barriers in green …. he was absolutely essential in helping me get the system that I wanted.   He liaised with the manufacturer and was hugely helpful over the delivery.  He went the extra mile to help me and I can’t praise him enough.

“I recommend that the pre-fill holes at the top of the Windermere are sealed when the units are deployed in the garden, in order to prevent any wildlife from falling inside. I’d also suggest that the slots for the connection keys should be checked before the keys are inserted. A very young Robin fell into a key slot and luckily we were able to get it out in time. We found that applying some tape was a quick and easy way of sealing the holes.”