Tetleys Motor Services: A business coping with flooding

It is not only homes that are flooded… businesses are flooded too.  The statistics about the impact of flooding on businesses shows that many never recover.  Being flooded literally puts them out of business.

Tetleys Motor Services is a coach company based near the River Aire.  They were flooded for the second time during Storm Desmond.

Thankfully they have survived being flooded … and have shared their story with us and other business owners.

What action should you take today to protect your business from future flooding?

A customer’s story of being flooded: Dorothy Green, Burneside

We have asked a number of our customers to share their experiences of being flooded with us.

Dorothy Green of Burneside, Cumbria talked very candidly to us about the terrible experience of being flooded during Storm Desmond.  Dorothy talks about her and her husband being unable to reach their house due to sheer quantity of water cutting off her village.  She arrived home the next day to discover that they had indeed been flooded.  She outlines the damage to their home and lastly, getting their house repaired and protected against future flooding.

It is a very personal account of what happened to her and her husband and we thank her for sharing her story.

“Our experience of being flooded” – Mrs B

Mr & Mrs B had lived in their house for 27 years and had never been flooded before.  However, that changed during Storm Desmond when the flood water entered their home.  Mrs B has shared her experience of what it is like being flooded,  including what they did as the water got closer; what it was like to wait for the water; what they did immediately after the flood to clear up and then  repair their home.  Lastly she explains why they chose to fit ‘passive’ flood protection products.

We want to say a big thank you to Mrs B for sharing her story with us.

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